Pcgetz Annual Dinner presents an opportunity for the beginner and the professional to enjoy new technological breakthroughs in a fun and inspiring atmosphere. We guarantee that productivity level in your everyday life will never be the same after this experience. You will be treated to some of the finest modern technology and services in our mind blowing technological world. It is one of such rare opportunities for providers to meet new and existing relationships and to foster greater friendship and business. This annual dinner brings together a community of like minds to participate and showcase business ideas in a sizzling event.
12 Noon   –   Exhibition Floor Opens
12.10 pm  –   Light Refreshments, Ongoing comedy and Music

Booths Open

  •        –    Wearable Technology and Productivity
  •        –    Smart home Experience
  •        –    Personal Computing
  •        –    Children Tech
  •        –    Virtual Reality dock
  •        –    3D Printing and how it affects your Job
  •        –    App of the year Award
  •        –    Raffle Draw
 6pm     –    Dinner
  •        –   Live Music 
8pm      –   Closing Remarks