Information Technology Dinner for the Future.

At PAD2022, we take a glimpse at the future of humankind, the digital landscape of fashion, real estate, construction and more and what role the trending technologies may play in it. Experience our time walkway and decide for yourself, where our future lies.
Pcgetz Annual Dinner presents an opportunity for the beginner and the professional to enjoy new technological breakthroughs in a fun and inspiring atmosphere. We guarantee that productivity level in your everyday life will never be the same after this experience. You will be treated to some of the finest modern technology and services in our mind blowing technological world. It is one of such rare opportunities for providers to meet new and existing relationships and to foster greater friendship and business. This annual dinner brings together a community of like minds to participate and showcase business ideas in a sizzling event.
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why attend PAD The Best Fun Inspired Tech Dinner

Entertainment & Technology, including game changing ideas and products.

Network with Friends

Fantastic Opportunity to hang out with friends and business associates.

New Technologies

Be informed of new, trending, and disruptive technologies. Experience it in real time and learn.

Fun And Dinner

Buffet, drinks and musical performances.

topics Breakthrough Starts Here

Technology as it affects all sectors in Nigeria.

Artificial Intelligence

3D Printing

Internet Services

Cyber Security and Privacy

Internet of Things


Meet the Decision Makers.

Learn Even More.

The fun makes it even more exciting.

speakers These Experts will Inspire you to Create Future

Experts in their various fields show us how they adapt technology to their needs.

Christyn Obiajulu

Ceo, Pcgetz Ltd

Roseline Abaraonye

Head, Marketing. Hayat Kimya Nig Ltd.

Musibau Olanrewaju

Senior Manager Broadband, MTN

Habeeb Ibrahim

IT Security Expert - F-SECURE NG

Bonaventure Igboanugo

Chief Executive Officer, Awacash

Kathleen Breitman

Co-founder of Coase

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Game changers.

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The Technology Dinner for the Beginner and the Professional