MEET OUR AWARDEES Prepare to be inspired

Prepare to be inspired! We are thrilled to unveil the exceptional individuals and organizations who will be honored at PAD2023. These pioneers have not only shaped their industries but have also become symbols of innovation, tenacity, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

These remarkable individuals embody the spirit of innovation, creativity, and excellence that PAD2023 celebrates. Join us in honoring their outstanding achievements and contributions to their respective fields. Together, let’s celebrate greatness at PAD2023!

Award: Innovators in Artificial Intelligence Uniccon Group, the creators of Africa's first humanoid robot, are our Innovators in Artificial Intelligence awardees! Their groundbreaking work in AI technology has not only pushed the boundaries of innovation but has also opened new avenues for progress. Get ready to witness the future of AI at PAD2023!

Uniccon Group Dr Chuks Ekwueme

Award: Culinary Trailblazer of the Year Hilda Bacci, the culinary virtuoso who recently set the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking time, is our Culinary Trailblazer of the Year! Her dedication to her craft and inspiring journey have motivated countless others to reach for the stars. Join us in celebrating her exceptional culinary achievements at PAD2023!

Hilda Bacci

Tony Sam-Uje, a distinguished gentleman known for nurturing and growing businesses in the industry, is our Business Maverick of the Year! His tenacity and remarkable growth in various ventures, including restaurants, lounges, and clothing lines, make him a true inspiration.

Tony Sam-Uje


    Award: Traditional Elegance in Male Fashion X-plor, the esteemed fashion house that beautifully blends tradition and style, is our Traditional Elegance in Male Fashion awardee! Their exquisite designs have captivated fashion enthusiasts worldwide, making them the trendsetters in men’s fashion. Prepare to be enchanted by their creations at PAD2023!


    Award: Outstanding Contribution to Entertainment Champion One Entertainment, the dynamic powerhouse behind some of this year’s most memorable entertainment moments, is our recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to Entertainment award! Their creativity and dedication have elevated the entertainment industry to new heights. Brace yourselves for an entertainment extravaganza like never before!